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About us

Nordic Energy Partners Ltd (NEP) is one of the most experienced companies in a biomass fuel industry. We work as agents and consultants, traders and distributors:

Our core competence includes knowledge of biomass market - producers, energy companies, ports, logistics, forestry, legislations and certification. We have long-term experience in the forestry industry, heavy industry and energy sector.

To provide reliable and efficient handling of our products we make investments in warehouses, handling technology and quality control.

Biomass fuels supply

Nordic Energy Partners can provide certified and uncertified biofuels of different quality, volume, origin and size as per the client’s requirements.

Please contact us to know more about the wood pellets or biomass products available for supply.


Nordic Energy Partners and partner companies have a wide range of activities.

Nordic Energy Consultants contributes its knowledge and experience to develop your biomass fuel business by providing various counselling and solutions: from consultancy in forestry and sustainability legislation to SWOT assessment of the pellet production and on-site audits. We highlight strengths and opportunities of your pellet project for the steady business and sales expansion.

Nordic Hills is developing barbecue culture in Europe by supplying its own BBQ pellet brand – Nordic Hills BBQ pellets. We are distributing USA origin 100% natural hardwood BBQ wood pellets specially produced for food cooking, grilling and smoking. Nordic Hills BBQ pellets can be used for personal cooking, as well as by restaurants, catering services, industrial food-processing companies.

To learn more about our BBQ products please see our e-shop

Quality Control

Wood pellet quality control throughout the supply chain is one of the core requirements in a pellet business. The accredited supervision companies and laboratories quality assessment is not always sufficient. It is essential to monitor the cargo on a regular basis. NEP quality control procedures include sampling, analyses, monitoring and control measurements. NEP knows how to establish a quality laboratory in the port and provides a training course to the lab staff. All procedures are performed according to international standards.

Main Markets

NEP is participating in different projects all over the world. Presently we are mostly active in Scandinavia and USA.

One of our main and important business markets is Finland. We are cooperating with many energy and industrial companies, retailers and final consumers.

To get more information please contact our sales agents in Finland.

Nordic Energy Partners

Nordic Energy Partners is a member of Bioenergy Europe and the Bioenergy Association of Finland participating in webinars, discussions and conferences.