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Pellet Business


Nordic Energy Partners Ltd is one of the most experienced wood pellets supplier focused on Russian wood pellet exports. We trade in premium and industrial quality wood pellets and agripellets. We work as agents and traders. Our sourcing area covers the territory from St.Petersburg up to Lake Baikal in Siberia.

Our core competence includes knowledge of the Russian pellet market, producers, ports, logistics, Russian forestry, legislations and certification. We have long-term experience of working in the Russian pellet industry and with European energy companies.

To provide reliable and efficient handling of pellets we have made investments in warehouses, handling technology and quality control in port. Nordic Energy Partners can provide certified wood pellets for industrial and small household use. Please see our certificates for a full scope of certified activities.


We provide full pellet supply solutions, from supplier or client selection, logistics through Port of St.Petersburg and Port of Ust-Luga up to CIF deliveries, including contracting, port logistics, monitoring, quality control, audits, consultancy etc.

Quality Control

Our quality control procedures include sampling, analyses, monitoring and control measurements. All procedures are performed according to international standards.

Main Markets